Indian summer

Wow tomorrow is October and the sun is shinning like its mid July in Spain.

We are moving home down the road to Gloucester and I took a few pictures before we left to remind us of our time in the Malverns.  Ruby is not sure about all the activity and work being done in the mid day sun and she refuses to leave the middle of the drive, blocking our way just in case we forget to take her. To enlarge any photo, click on the photo once and it will go to the photo page, once on the photo page click on the photo again and it will enlarge to original size.



We will miss the view from the front door and the old cottage.


We never looked after the garden and its proved to be a haven for wildlife and great hunting for the dogs. Plenty of food from the thistle seeds for the goldfinches in the winter – it is the way forward let nature take its course and enjoy what it produces, beats any neatly lined primroses. The number of species of birds that visited in the winter was over 30 types, including nuthacthers, bramblings and siskins.


Dogs love to explore the undergrowth every day and sniff the trails of midnight visitors. I show a picture here of Tom our dobermann on his daily forage, he is there in the centre of the photo camouflaged. Dexter our puggle can not be seen as he is completely covered in foliage.


We will all miss home and that includes the dogs and the birds, for when the new owners clear the garden for rows of flowers kept pristine with pesticides, they will also like us today ‘flown the nest’.

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