Two boys both less than 12 months old need home

Doug is the pug nearest in bed

NOW REHOMED Nora and Ernie Thanks to a horse yard in north yorkshire
We have two boisterous boys that need a new home.
I will upload photos soon but these two boys need homes with no other dogs or cats
They are most fantastic little pugs but given their early life they are anxious pugs if they feel they are having to compete for your attention. However, when they are on their own they are great and quite happy to meet other dogs and socialise with people, they are just not good when sharing you with other pets.
Doug is the most active and he looks for a high place to sleep like a table to feel safe, though he is a lot better now and will sleep in his bed. Pokey is very sweet just nervous when he meets people or other dogs for the first time, given we have 9 dogs and people come and go all the time the last two months he has improved greatly so I don’t think this trait is permanent.
Need to have someone at home all the time as they do get separation distress.


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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi are these pugs still available

  2. Gabby says:


    We’re looking for a companion for my pug. We live in the countryside amongst fiends and 5 mins from the sea. I’m looking for a pug who is good with children as I take my dog into my class for animal therapy as I work with Autistic children. We’re very lucky to live in a place like we do and have the time to really nurture dogs.

  3. Liam French says:

    Loved with the dogs great find them really funny got a loving home for a pug if anyone out there needs him or her rehoming thank you Liam

  4. Yvonne says:

    Hello I’m looking to give a pug a loving home I’m devastated I had my Amazing best friend pug for 13 years I’m heartbroken that he had lots health problems and passed away in my arms I miss him so much I’m not trying to replace him he was one of a kind but I just connect with pugs so if you no a young pug that needs love please let me no .yvonne

  5. what’s the price for the pug

  6. martin jones says:

    If you have a pug that is very good with kids, would love to give a dog a happy and stable home,Have a 40ft by 20ft back garden, have a daughter who will love and cherish a pug, all of it\\\’s life.
    Please help me give her dream dog.
    Kindest regards.
    Martin Jones

  7. Wayne says:

    Hi, I am looking for a forever pet, I have 3 children and would keep our new addition very active and loved. Thanx guys.

  8. Hi
    I am looking to re-home a small breed dog & I have a friend with 3 pugs so i have had some experience with this breed.
    Are Doug & Pokey still looking for a forever home as I would like to offer one of them a loving forever home here 🙂

  9. Georgiana Ungureanu says:

    I’m interested in adopting a puppy pug. I have a lovely home and he would have everything he needs. I had a puppy as a child and I’m used to grow next to one. If any available please let me know.
    Many thanks

  10. Marie Stricker says:

    Hi im looking to rescue a pug at home all day & night. They would not be left alone. i have plenty of love to give them & a very loving home. i dont mind a bitch or dog. i can take 2.please let me know if any pugs need to be rehomed

    Thank you.

  11. Kirsty Vogt says:

    Hello I’m a mother to 4 pugs,and still have plenty of space in my life for as many as my house would hold. I obviously would provide any pug the best possible treatment love and give them the best life they would deserve.
    I would loved to be involved in anyway possible.

  12. Neil says:

    Hi, we are looking at re-homing a young pug, we have two dogs at this moment in time , a Yorkie and a Begone freeze, my wife works part time and my eldest daughter works lates so somebody is home all the time, we have a large park within 800 yards of home, where our dogs play happily,its safe and away from any roads.
    Our dogs are covered with pet insurance and are loved dearly, we wish to offer a pug a part of our lives..

    • Gale says:

      Hi there.
      Are you still looking to rehome your pug baby. I lost my pug 12 months ago and for all I said I’d never have another dog due to the upset I’m now ready to love again!!

      Having already had a pug I’m very well aware of how much time and love they need and deserve.

      If you are still looking you can email me on the above email address.

  13. Adam says:

    Please could I re home one of these lovable pugs my girlfriend is absolutely in love with pugs and I thing they would make a great addition to our family ?

  14. Richard Simpson says:

    Hi me and my family are looking to rehome a young pug we have a cockerspanial big garden and 4 children aged 4 to 14 preferably looking for a male pug thanks.

  15. Lorraine says:

    Hi there are these still available

  16. kathy taylor says:

    hi, I’m looking to rescue a dog. are these pugs still available please

  17. Kayleigh says:

    Hi have these been rehomed? Thank you

  18. eileen says:

    I am a retired lady an live in a bungalow with large garden at the rear I live alone so he would get all my attention I have 5 yr old granddaughter who loves dogs. and my sister has a pug and she plays with her

  19. Amy says:

    Myself and my two children are looking to rehome a dog or dogs that is very friendly. Am at home all day everyday. We have a big house with a big garden and we love nothing more than cuddles. Could we have some more information on the Dogs please.

  20. Steve says:

    I don’t have cats or other dogs either. I love Pugs and always have and would love to regime these for you.

    I live in the Lake District so there’s plenty of open spaces to take them to have a run around plus there’s plenty of open land near my home too.

    Where are they currently living?

    I look forward to your response.


  21. Christian says:

    I’ve been looking for a gift to my wife and two kids and they always say that they would love to have a pug to be an addition to our family and i cannot afford to buy one. So it would be a great honor and gift to have one.

  22. Megan says:

    Have you re homes these two yet? Do they have to go as a pair or could you take one?

    Please let me know some more details.


  23. Jacqueline says:

    We would love to offer these beautiful fur babies a home with our family. We have two children 4&14 who have always been raised with dogs so know how to respect boundaries until recently when we unfortunately lost our 6 year old Labrador to illness. We have a large family home with a large secure garden and deck. My husband is a shift worker where as I run my own home based business so am always home to keep them company. We have a very large space in our hearts for these little ones xx

  24. Sam Whelan says:

    I am currently looking for a young Pug and would far rather rescue/adopt a dog in need of a home.

    I work from my home office so am here 24/7. I have a secure rear garden and plenty of experience with dogs and ongoing training requirements.

    Let me know asap as I am looking to rehome by the end of the month.

    Best Regards


  25. Mavis Young says:

    I would love to offer a good, loving home to these 2 little boys. I am a retired lady who is home all day, I live in Tavistock, Devon. I live alone, in a bungalow, with a good size patio / garden. I have to ask HOW MUCH DO THESE BABIES DISLIKE CATS. I have 1 elderly Cat, she will be 14 next month and although she was brought up with 2 dogs, I am not sure how she will react initially.

  26. Samantha says:

    I have a 3 year old female pug looking for some friends I have a loving home waiting .. I am a stay at home mum during the day and work evenings when my husband is home so they would never be alone.

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