Day To Day

The day to day requirements of a Pug are relatively low. Mainly, a little food, a little water, a little exercise and lots of love!
Pugs love their food, but an obese Pug is likely to live a shorter life. Give your Pug only the food manufacturer’s daily recommended amount.
A daily brush, although not absolutely necessary, will benefit your Pug. For more information on Pug grooming, and in particular care of their delicate facial skind folds, see our recommended grooming information here: Pug Grooming.

For details on Pug exercise requirements, read our more detailed information here: Pug Exercise.

For further help with the day to day needs of your Pug, we can highly recommend: Training Your Pug by Brenda Belmonte, author of The Pug Handbook.

3 Responses to “Day To Day”

  1. John Faulkie says:

    Thank you to the site and people on it.Its been invaluable knowledge about the breed and feeding. Thankyou

  2. jon williams says:

    Hi, am having a problem with hard skin forming 0n tne front pads/toe pads of my pug. Not sure if its the main problem but its affecting how he walks and he,s developing a limp. took him to the vet twice, used anti inflamatory medicine and second time paid for athletes foot cream, neither has solved the problem, am really concerned. Has anyone else experienced anything like this with their pug? Any suggestions?

    • samantha says:

      I use Nivea hand cream every night I rub it into my pugs feet have him lay down for a bit while so he don’t rub it off and his pads are soft he is two years old I started this wen he was a few months old

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