Betty Boop

Our Betty Boop

Our Betty Boop


A black pug girl – We think she has a teddy bear face and smells like a teddy that’s been left in the loft and collected dust. Much more independent than Ruby, happy to explore the garden on her own but still needs company like all pugs, especially when she settles down to go to sleep, needs a lap or to use Ruby as a pillow.  Born in November 2011 so not having puppies for another 2 years. She does bite alot and explores everything through her mouth – so we have christened her Betty Bite.  Most pug puppies bite, it’s natural and it’s also natural for you to make a sharp noise if she bites too hard, that tells her to stop, eventually they mouth rather than bite. To enlarge photo click on photo and it will go to a new page and click again and it will enlarge to full size

sleeping on Ruby

Latest one of Ruby looking like a mother

Sharing the cage next to the Aga

Room for a little one!

31 Responses to “Betty Boop”

  1. Chris says:

    Is she still available, would love her to join our family

  2. laura says:


    My partner and i would LOVE a pug! we have a British bulldog at home already and my partner’s sister has a french bulldog so we are familiar with this type of breed.

    Please let me know if you have any black pugs for re-homing



  3. Katie harpham says:

    I’m extremely instrested in owning a pug, anyone rehoming,selling or putting up for adoption please contact me or reply to this message. Many thanks..

  4. Hi, I have a lovely home and I am looking for a new best friend.

    I work from home most days and I would gladly take on a little furry partner in crime.

    I would like to raise my new companion from a pup or little un’ and am prepared to pay for all the insurance and vet fees.

    If you would like to find a home for an extra pup I would love to help out. I am based in Cambridge but am more than willing to travel to collect.

  5. Marie tamarro says:

    I am interested in adopting a pug am able to give a loving home and safe environment have been looking for a pug for the past 5 months thank you

  6. i have 2 lovely pugs for sale lucy and iris

  7. michelle eastham says:

    hello my name is michelle and my girlfriend is Lindsey we would love to take a disabled pug and put it in our loving home we have to girl pus called noodle and nugget they are both very loving and would like to love a disabled pug / we live in prescot Merseyside

  8. kelly says:

    Hi I would be the most grateful girl in the world if I got my dream dog, pugs are simply the best please consider me if you need a nice clean, friendly home with plently of time for a pug.

  9. Jenna says:

    Hello I have a loving home and would love to re home a pug , I live in oxfordshire but would be willing to travel to collect. My number is 07706251244 many thanks 🙂

  10. Kelly Walton says:

    Hi I’m very interested in adopting a pug as my daughter has always wanted 1 and the prices people charge for them is bad a dog is to be loved and looked after and be part of a family which if you accept me to adopt one I know this mite sound harsh but my little girl has her heart set on a black pug if thats possible I’m working but still spend alot of time at work please get back to me to make my little girls day Thankyou.

  11. Nikki Wilsher says:

    I would like to see Betty Boop! I wish to adopt a pug!!Thanks to get back to me

  12. Nikki says:

    I would be really interested in adopting betty boop. Mum at home with a large house and garden near a conservation area. Happily married and our family is looking for a pug to complete us. We are pug lovers and have so much love and patience to give a pug a new home but don’t have the silly amounts of money to buy one off a breeder. To us giving one a happy home is more important.Please reply

  13. Jaime-lee Dover says:

    I’m Jaime-lee, I had a dog for 12 years and he recently passed away. Harry was a lovely dog and I hadn’t really looked into getting another dog until I went away to Scotland and an elderly couple in the Cottage next door had a black pug, she was beautiful and I instantly fell in love with her. During my stay I took her for walks and I was really depressed leaving her, I would love to adopt a pug as I can provide the care, attention and love that it needs!

  14. lewis peglar says:

    Hi my names lewis, I’m really intrested in rehomeing a pug. I’m a lovley person and love all my animals and want the best for them all, if u know of any avaliable could u please contact me on my email or no: 07449121699 I also live in hertfordshire. Knowing one of ur pugs is rehomed would mean the world to me 🙂

  15. Craig bayliss says:

    Hi my girlfriend and daughter love pugs…. I would love to adopt one as a gift for them…. Knowing how much the pug would be loved…. Craigycakes@ love to hear from you

  16. Naomi Wood says:

    She is gorgeous, I think she would make a perfect companion for our George (Pug x) who is spoilt rotten. If you are looking for a home where the dogs are allowed on the sofa, sleep in the bed and gets lots of love and cuddles then she would fit right in.

    We live near right by the country side so two good walks in the country a day, I work full time but my partner works weekends so is home most of the day during the week sometimes there may be occasions where we will both be out, George is used to this but I think they would keep each other company.

  17. Maddie says:

    I was writing to inquire about re-homing one of your lovely pugs, I’ve lived with dogs my whole life and am very experienced when it comes to caring for their needs. Due to recent unfortunate circumstances I no longer have my dogs and it would be amazing to welcome a new little member to our family, I originally considered buying a pug puppy but then thought it would be much more fulfilling to take in an older pug in need of a loving home. I’m 17, in college part time meaning that I would have plenty of time to care for,play with and nurture a pug. I live with my mum in Chadderton,Oldham in front of a huge field that would be perfect for regular walks and I would be overjoyed if you consider me a suitable home for one of your pugs. You can contact me on my mobile: 07947503248, by E-mail:
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Maddie x

  18. Jess says:


    My name is Jess I work full time as does my partner Charlotte we have dogs of our own and foster for a local charity ‘We help any dog’. We have fostered and rehabilitated 12 in the last year. we would love to be given the oppurtunity to adopt as we have yet to be on the receiving end we so often see when handing a dog over to their forever home. Would we be a potential home in consideration for one of your lovely pugs? Our dogs are used to being left and provide company for each other when we are working. And our time is devoted to them once home after work.

    I hope we can be of some help, if not I totally understand


  19. leionie Power says:

    Hi, my family would live to adopt a pug and give it a great, loving home, I live in Manchester and willing to travel. I look forward to hearing from you leionie 07712541778

  20. Claire Clark says:

    I am looking to rehome a rescue dog. We having a loving home to offer to one of your beautiful pugs.

    I have been a dog owner all my life as too has been my husband. We love all animals and we are looking to bring a new member into our home.

    We have 4 children all at school and our youngest starts school in September, he is currently attending nursery. They are all excellent with animals and love our dog Jack very much.
    I am at home all day as a housewife. I enjoy taking care of the family and our pet King Charles, Jack. Jack is 3 years old and such a friendly dog, who would enjoy a companion.

    We are home owners with a garden and live next to a nature reserve, and are keen walkers, we enjoy the outdoors, we like taking our dog to national trust on a regular basis.

    We are looking for a pug because of their nature and hope you will consider us. The dog would need to be compatible with the family. Be good with children, and not too old as the children would get very attached.

    We will provide a loving home, have a good vet, make sure the dog is feed a healthy diet and receive lots of cuddles and gentle understanding.

    We can be contacted on 01342 529415, Chris or Claire.

  21. Raquel says:

    I am writing to you because I am very inretested to adopt a pug.
    My name is Raquel. I believe I do have a lovely home to offer to a little one. I have been living all my live with dogs, so I do have some experience looking after them.
    Please, contact me by e mail or on 07708160395, so we can talk a bit more…
    Thank you very much in advance
    I am looking foward to hearing from you

  22. Wayne Beresford says:

    Hi i am looking to adopt a pug, I have been after one for over four years but i held back due to my mum had already got two rescue St bernards in sadly we had to have the last one put to sleep last friday. I have read books after books on the breed and love the breed so much. They have alot of love to give and their character is so great 🙂

  23. chris says:

    i am looking to rehome a pug any colour and age as long as she is good with children or can learn to be then i will rehome he/she
    i have always wanted a pug and studied the breed fr years as a child but could never afford one now i am in a position to and acctually have owned many rescue dogs and found new homes for them myself i think id just like a pug now to look after and keep as our family dog we already have an 8month old dalmatian she is adorabled playful and loving and needs a playmare now shes getting a little older and is trained well in everyway, anyone that can help please get in touch

  24. shannon says:

    hi ive been trying to save up for one of these pugs untill i found this website im trying my hardest but life is so difacult to get money so i want to know more details about this pug i wou7ld give it a loving home .and ive got a staf she isent horrible people only think that because she wants to go up to there dog and play with them but they think she is going to bite them but she wont she is so friendly with other dogs etc . so i would like to know more and how far do you live away from pitsea basildon essex ?
    thank you

  25. kieron lloyd says:

    How could any one NOT love these amazing dogs…I for one must be a pugs number one fan….I think it has something to do with their happy smiling face.
    When my dad died two years ago, my mum and I were given a small staff, daisy she is the loveliest dog ever. Daisy seems so lonely and we think she needs a friend. I have always wanted a pug.( Daisy said she would like a pug too) Daisy is 4 now so i think any bitch younger would be ideal. Daisy loves any other animal or person.
    I work shifts and my mum is a carer for my grandad , and also works as a mobile hairdresser.
    We, and our extended family would love to give a pug a forever loving home.
    If anyone reads this and knows of a little pug girl who needs rehoming, ..please please contact the site and we are waiting.
    thank you.

  26. Mollie-Anne griffiths says:

    Hi there,
    I had a black pug called harry he was beautiful had him for 4 years and he unfortunatly had a tumor in his throat and had to be put down. I was an awful time for me! Im now desperate to adopt/rescue a new pug old or puppy. Do you have any or know where i can look? thanks

  27. Natasha king says:

    I am interested in adopting a pug as I am in need of a companion since my five year old French mastiff has past a couple of month ago. I raised him since 7 weeks old and miss walking him and playing with him. I would like a pug to raise and enjoy life with, the pug will be given a very good home and will be an asset to the family.

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