Ruby our breeding Pug

Here is a photo of Ruby when she was 3months old.

Breeding pug bitch

Our breeding Pug Ruby 3 Months old

Champion Granddad of Ruby - See the family resemblance

A small pug and therefore we are looking for a small male to breed with her. We are expecting some beautiful to type pugs, with the double curl tail and ears close to the face. She is very inquisitive and always wants human company, her off spring will make great companions. If you do have a small dog please get in contact with us or if you are interested in her pups please do the same, though it will be a long wait! Grandparent is the Champion Teaseltail Talks In Ernest and Sired by Witherfords Chillie and Dam Witherfords Icy Dream.







Chinese Characters
As most know the pug is a Chinese breed but few know the Chinese used to name their pugs by looking at the wrinkle marks on their faces and matching the pattern with a Chinese character and that would be their name. I have studied Chinese writing a little and so have made an attempt to do the same, the character I see in Ruby’s face, is this one and it means Beauty. OK just a tiny bit of imagination is needed and a somewhat bias owner. But if you have a pug and you want me to find its Chinese name written in her face and you don’t mind the picture appearing here: Email a photo at

Ruby now 7 months. Face looking a lot more mature

Beauty In Chinese

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  1. helleyne says:


    I have a 14 months black pug and have been trying to find everywhere a website to help me find a bitch to mate him with. Could you help? Thanks

  2. Saskia says:


  3. Clive says:


    i was wondering do you have any female puppies for sale and how much would they be? please contact me at any time via email i will provide a phone number if you require it.

    Many thanks

  4. Kelly Dale says:

    How much will you be selling her pups for when they are eventually born?

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