Lexi a black girl needs a home

Black pug

Lexi the black girl

Lexi Black Girl Pug

Lexi is a happy quiet pug that is OK with other dogs or on her own. The only proviso is that she needs human company 24/7 as she gets separation distressed, though with another dog as company she can be left for a few hours. A nervous dog but is getting more confident by the day, we currently have 6 dogs and at first she wasn’t too socialised with dogs but is now a lot more comfortable. Bad habits loves human food and will bark for it, we have never fed her human food so she is barking less but it will take some determination to stop her begging at the table, though she is learning.

Ideally, someone who is at home all day, we are just updating all her jabs and will be ready to rehome next week. If you feel Lexi would make a great addition to your family contact me Evelyn or Shirley at Evelyn@pugs.co.uk

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  1. Clem says:

    Hello there ive been wanting a pug for 2 years now and was wondering how much she is


  2. Nikki says:

    Hi is lexi still available for rehoming? I have to make pugs one is 6 and one is 5. Me and my partner work different shifts so there is always someone home with them, when we go out they come with us.

  3. Leah Stenton says:

    Hi, I was wondering if Lexi is still available for rehoming. We sadly lost our eldest dog in May and now feel ready to rehome another, as a friend for our other dog Frank(fawn pug, 3 in September). I am at home all day, and Frank and I enjoy 2 walks together with another just before bed which my husband comes on. Many thank, Leah

  4. Carys Puleston says:

    Hi. Is Lexi still looking for a home? We have another small dog ( a yorkie) and I work from home. We have a large walled garden and plenty of love and patience to give as a family.
    Thank you,

  5. Loredana Borta says:

    Hi. I would like to know more about Lexi. We have a 2 year old pug,healthy and as happy as he could be. We want a friend for him. I work 3 days par time, but we are 3 family member and one of us is at home. We have a yard, and we never considered to move in a flat. Please email me.

  6. Heather Cottam says:

    Hi there, lexi looks absolutely adorable. I’m home 24/7 so she will have lots of company and always around for cuddles, would love to know if she’s still looking for a home.
    Many thanks

  7. Angela says:

    Hi, i would love to know if Lexi is still avaliable. My son is going through a long term relationship breakup and has always wanted a black pug but has never been able to keep one due to his ex girlfriends dogs. Now that he is in the position to get a pug we would love to surprise him with Lexi. 6 people live in our house so there will always be someone in the house to give full attention to Lexi and we also have another dog called Gary who will be able to keep her company too. Please let me know, thank you .

  8. Margaret Mears says:

    Hi, we recently lost one of our pugs and now feel it would be a good time to get a friend for our other dog. She is very easy going and would accept another friend. I am retired and so am at home 24/7. Aggie is never left for more than an hour at a time perhaps once a fortnight.
    If you think our household would be suitable for her then please contact me for further details.
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Thanks for considering her after our phone call and your emails we understand circumstances means she is not right for you.

      Kind Regards

  9. Rachel says:

    Hi just wondering if Lexi is available please?.i work from home 24/7 i live alone so Lexi would have all my attention all the time.
    I absolutely love pugs know all about the breed ,and could give Lexi a lot of love and 100 per cent attention .i live near a beach and countryside so can take her on lovely puggie walks but carry her home when she’s had enough of walking!!!

  10. Stephen Campbell says:

    Hi looking to see if lexi is still available we are looking for a companion for our 2 yr old boy pug there is always someone in the house as we work different time patterns and feel we could give her a loving and caring home would be very great full if considered thanks Stephen & Linda Campbell

  11. Elizabeth Cooper says:

    Hi, is she available? I only work part time hours,so am at home most of the time. I also already have a pug, so know what is expected for their care, I would love to give her a new forever family! “

  12. chloe francis says:

    Is she still available, I work from home so available 24/7 can provide a caring home

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