Pug Puppies

pug puppyIf you are looking to buy a Pug Puppy, there are many quality Pug breeders who have puppy Pugs for sale. Read our Pug Breeders information first. Remember to do your research. Check out the various Pug breeders that you find online. Check that they are registered Kennel Club breeders. Make sure you choose the right one for you.

Decide why you want a Pug puppy in the first place. Do you want a show dog or is it simpy a family pet? It will affect the breeder you choose.

Make sure you see your Pug puppy’s mother – it’s the best way of knowing how your puppy will look when it’s fully grown.

We would definitely recommend you read our Pug puppy article So You Want a Pug Puppy and see our Pug Puppy Buyers Guide.

If you find the perfect puppy from a breeder with Pug puppies for sale we would love you to share the information with us. Please comment your experience and breeder information below.

15 Responses to “Pug Puppies”

  1. Hi i would like a pug for a companion im 60 yrs young x have a black boy pug i love pugs x i could give a pug a loveing quite x relaxed home please contact me anytime x i dont mind how old or colour if girl i will get her spayed x if boy i will get him castrated i dont mind waiting list but please keep me up dated kind regards mrs nash

  2. Pat says:

    Hi im looking for a pug im living on my own i have a lovly bungalow and plenty of parks for taking out for walks i would love to rehome 1 if i can its going to be company for me pls think of me

  3. Scott Holgate says:

    Hi I am looking for a pug to adopt I live in Edinburgh Scotland, I am a guy who’s looking for that best friend I live next to beach and loads of space in my flat for that special pug

    Thanks scoty

  4. Catherine Southgate says:

    Hi. I am looking for a pug puppy. I have 5 cats but might neee to get rid of two due to them not getting alomg with our other cats. So would really like a puppy that could grow up with the other cats. My cats are all quite old. 7,5,4 so they would be okay with the pup. If you have any pups please email me or text me 07845722238. I would greatly appreciate it

  5. Ambra West says:

    hello, my mum is looking a pug puppy, she recently had to have her dog put down and just bought my dad his own dog and myself one, i feel she needs a dog of her own and she does give hints to us sometimes, i want to surprise her and get her a pug puppy but they are all far too much, we love dogs so much and it would make her so happy, do you know of any free to a good home? if so please get back to me 🙂 thanks

  6. Cydney Pluckrose says:

    Hi, My mums birthday is coming up and she adores pugs and Im thinking about getting her one. Could you please e-mail me back to give some details of where I can get one for free or a reasonable price.

  7. Clare says:

    We are a family of four that live by the coast and are looking to give a pug a home would consider rehoming a loved pug and I am willing to pay a fee but can’t really afford the £1000 going rate 🙁

  8. Nikki says:

    I would be really interested in adopting a pug. Mum (me) at home with a large house and garden near a conservation area. Happily married and our family (two young children in school part time)hw3 is looking for a pug to complete us. We are pug lovers and have so much love and patience to give a pug a new home but don’t have the silly amounts of money to buy one off a breeder. To us giving one a happy home is more important.

  9. Emma says:

    Hi there.
    My daughter and I are looking to adopt a pug and hope we can be considered for rehousing a pug.
    I am a 63 year old pensioner,who is home,more or less all day.
    My daughter is 43.
    We live in the heart of Wales,with countryside on our doorstep.
    We have a stupid 2 year old chow, who is afraid of his own shadow.
    He sleeps with my daughter.
    The pug would be my baby.
    We could offer a great home, with large garden. Kind Regards.

  10. Kayleigh says:

    Hi, I am in leeds and looking to adopt a pug, I have lots of love to give and would love to give it to a pug!

  11. Ruth says:

    Hi I’m looking for a fawn puppy with black mask to complete our family home we have a large garden and lots of countryside around us we can offer him a loving home with lots of attention we are in derbyshire and can travel will pay upto £600 thanks

  12. Shahid says:

    hi I am shahid butt from pakistan i need a pug female of 6 months old if any body have for sale then please contact with me at +923007760424 or email me at adeelriaz76@yahoo.com.

  13. ellen says:

    hi we sadly had to get are boarder collie put to sleep earlier this week we have a staff that is looking for a new friend an a very upset little boy we are looking to rescue a pug can u help

  14. danny baker says:

    My daughter who is 26 years old has wanted a pug for a number of years she has her own house with garden and a 2 year old son, please can you advise on whether they are available free to good home? or at least for a reasonable fee?

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