Betty Boo

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  1. Amalia says:


    I am a Spanish dog-pug-lover living in Birmingham for 5 years. Myself and my husband would love to start living with a wonderful new companion.

    Thanks a lot,

    Kind Regards,


  2. Taniuvail phillips says:

    Hiya I am very interested in adopting this baby, I have wanted a pug for years and am ready to give one a forever home .
    Thank and kind regards

  3. Janey james says:

    I have a 3year old pug called Mr Pickles I would love a black girl to join him,I rescued Mr Pickles he’s a big part of our lovely family .

  4. Sven Imber says:


    I live in East Sussex, right in the middle of the Ashdown Forest so lots of lovely places to take dogs for a walk.

    I have a pug x shi tzu called Gizmo whose almost 6 months old. She loves being around other dogs especially those her own age and I really want to get her a fellow pug housemate. Either genders fine, preferably one close to her age if possible.

    My sister has a pug, (almost 7 years old), who used to spend a lot of time round mine but she moved recently.

    Pugs are the only breed I’m interested in. I’m not wanting to breed them so spayed or nuetered would be more than fine.

    Hope you can help.

    Many Thanks

  5. RICHARD ELSON says:

    Hello,we are looking for a pug as a family pet.I have a ten year old son who would love one.We live in a first floor two bedroom flat,we have communal gardens and woods close by,would we be considered for one,please help…..

  6. Kirsty Davidson says:

    Hello, i have looked everywhere to rehome a pug and i can’t find one anywhere. I would really love to rehome a pug so can you please contact me if you have any pugs at all? Any colour and gender.

  7. april says:

    would really love a pug if anyoe knows how to get one which i can rescue please inbox me

  8. Shannon says:

    I’ve always wanted a pug and the thought of one not having a home really upsets me I’d love to adopt one and give it a good home I also have two other dogs who are really friendly I’d really appreciate if you had one for me
    Many thanks

  9. Colin Bence says:


    Im a professional golfer in Birmingham and I’m looking for a pug for my fiancĂ© and myself,
    I’ve adopted dogs before and I love to give them a good home.
    I’d be very grateful if you had 1 for us.

    Many thanks


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