Crufts 2011 Pug Videos

Three videos for you,  Toy Category 2011, Best of Breed Judging – Pug Crufts 2010 and See video of a multi talented Pug, Crufts.


First is the video of the multi talented pug, notice he is not sure about the sea saw, this is where pugs think too much rather than just blindly obey.


The Breed Judging for Pugs at DFS Crufts 2010 and the winner was CH YORLANDER RONALDO AT TIDEMILL JW (Dog).
Owners – MR T A & MR N R PURSE & MARSH


2011 Winner Best of Breed

Really needs to get back onto one of the main TV channels, dogs give so much pleasure to so many people. An awareness has built up around poor breeding practices but surely the good vastly out weighs those inhumane breeders. Leadership needs to come from the kennel club to change the breed type to encourage better health and breeding practices. So far the Kennel Club have revised 78 breeds and this year, at Crufts, are introducing vet checks to the most susceptible breeds to health problems. The revisions to the breeds have been slight but the mating with first degree relatives have been banned by the Kennel Club. Difficult problem. as there are so many interested parties who will be holding differing views but it is driven by the desire to produce winning dogs. Change the breed type where inherent health problems are a concerned and this will resolve most issues surrounding pure breeds.

Toy group is on Sunday 13th March together with the best in show in the evening. Televised this year on More 4 (channel 4 sister station) between 7pm and 9pm every night until Sunday.


Toy Category judging Crufts 2011, this is where we get to see the Pug group winner CH TANGETOPPEN`S UNBREAKABLE NEWS. Beating a class of 270 pugs, comes from Finland and is 2½ years old, finally was a group 3 winner in the toy category.

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  1. lynne says:

    you are incorrect – you can show your neutered dog/bitch – I was at Crufts with mine.
    Contact the Kennel Club for details of what you need to do!

  2. Samantha says:

    I went to crufts…I enjoyed it very much but…I have an issue…

    I love dogs, I have a pug 🙂 but I dont understand why you cant get your dog neuted if you want to show them, it would make no difference at all to how he stands or looks in the ring. Its healthier and safer for a dog to be neuted, prevents cancer for a start. Unless you want to breed them, then of course, but just to show them? makes no sense!


    Pug Love


  3. kredi karti borcu taksitlendirme says:


    this was a sheer entertaining read….

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