Pub Pugs

Some of the nicest people you meet are pug owners – they say dogs are like their owners and that makes pug owners very sociable, nice to know, beautiful, smart I could go on but you get the picture. On our walk we take most days up the Malvern hills (who says pugs are not fit) we always finish at the Malvern Hill pub hotel. This Sunday we met some of the most well behave pugs I have seen. They played with the other pub dogs before dutifully lining up for their photo call.

Pub Pugs

The black boy pug is 11months and the two fawns pugs were 7 and 5 years old. The Lady owner was thinking of a 4th addition after meeting Ruby!  Thanks for introducing yourselves.

Ruby being loved



Ruby being rewarded after her 3 mile hike

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  1. Fiona says:

    I lost my little boy Winston (black pub age 7) he was my everything. I thought I’d never have a pet again. But I’m ready now. I can bring him to work with me everyday. I live opposite a park and 5 minutes from the beach. I will be the best doggy mammy for a lovely little pug. Thank you x

  2. donna says:

    hi i have a 25yr old daughter lisa, last year after messy break up, n havin to leave her dogs behind (spitful ex wouldnt realise dog, papers his name) im wantin to get her a pug again, she is lovin n warm to animals and noes dos n donts, if u hv one n work commitmnts ect cnt keep ure pet, i would be intrested, plz email me…. could keep in regular contct so u noe hw pug is keepin. hv money , nt lots but somes. plz email me , donna

  3. suebristow says:

    Now only got 2 puglets. Lost my eldest girl (clemmie) just under 2
    Years ago – devastating.

    My youngest (daisy) age 6 has cancer, and Lottie age 8 is losing her
    Back legs. just don’t know where to turn with the stress.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sue
      I am so sorry to hear about the health problems of your pugs. We can get so attached to them and their health is a bit of a lottery.
      Fortunately dogs can handle pain much better than we can or a loss of a limb, they are far more stoical and can find happiness in the most simple things in life so long as they feel they belong to a pack and are loved, they then overcome most things. I’m sure they feel very loved by you.
      Try not to stress about them and enjoy the days you have with them, that helps both of you to cope.
      Evelyn x

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