Pugs and children

pugs and childrenPugs are excellent with children, but it should always be borne in mind that Pugs have very prominent eyes. This makes their eyes highly susceptible to damage.
The Pug’s compressed face makes them terribly appealing to us all. Particularly to children. But the fact that they have no prominent nose to be the first point of contact with any obstacle means that their large eyes are at risk at all times. Even contact with a bush or shrub can be enough to cause damage. Rough handling can be even worse!
Encourage your child to play with your Pug by all means. But bear in mind that any damage to a Pug’s eyes is likely to be serious.
So teach your child to play with your Pug with care. Your Pug will reward them for it!

6 Responses to “Pugs and children”

  1. I would l Lack this atarbel pug xx

  2. leigh says:

    as the mother to an eight year old girl and the owner of a pug i agree they are the best little dogs with children or any human,i could,nt imagine life without my pug if i could i would have a house full of pugs i love them so much

  3. lauren lanchester says:

    yeah pugs are relly nice and cute i agree

  4. Stella Stocker says:

    I agree with Sarah Hill. It is not appropriate for any pressure to be placed on any dogs back especially a child, nor encouraged by a child do so.

  5. Sarah hill says:

    I am appalled at the above photograph of a child sitting on the back of a pug.
    In the interest of animal welfare never should a child (or adult) bestride a dog and make it take the weight. A dog’s anatomical & skeletal structure is not designed for this and injury to a dog may well occur.
    I cannot believe that there is no denouncement of the photograph.

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