Ruby Our Breeding Pug

Here is a photo of Ruby when she was 3months old.

Breeding pug bitch

Our breeding Pug Ruby 3 Months old

A small pug but Beautiful , with the double curl tail and ears close to the face. She is very inquisitive and always wants human company, she makes a great companion. Grandparent is the Champion Teaseltail Talks In Ernest and Sired by Witherfords Chillie and Dam Witherfords Icy Dream.
Go to this link to see Champion Teaseltail Talks In Ernest. Really handsome pug and see the resemblance







Chinese Characters
As most know the pug is a Chinese breed but few know the Chinese used to name their pugs by looking at the wrinkle marks on their faces and matching the pattern with a Chinese character and that would be their name. I have studied Chinese writing a little and so have made an attempt to do the same, the  character I see in Ruby’s face, is this one and it means Beauty. OK just  a tiny bit of imagination is needed and a somewhat bias owner. But if you have a pug and you want me to find its Chinese name written in her face and you don’t mind the picture appearing here: Email a photo at

We will be breeding Ruby in March/April 2012 with a black Pug in the hope of some beautiful puppies in the litter. We will upload photos and make available her puppies to our readers. We will contact all those that have contacted us about Ruby puppies to ascertain if they still wish to have one of her pups.

Ruby looking mature now at a year old

Beauty In Chinese

26 Responses to “Ruby Our Breeding Pug”

  1. Devon Fortin says:

    I would love another pug! my pug dexter is only 2years old and i think its time for him to get a play mate 🙂 I would appreciate it if you would contact me, if you still have any puppies left

  2. Katie Makey says:

    Me and my partner are very interested in your pugs, and we are looking to get a pug around spring/summer time which corresponds to the date that you will be breeding with Ruby. We would love to be considered for one of the puppies. Please get in touch with information or nearer the time. Thanks, Katie.

  3. molly says:

    hello i am wondering when do you have your next lot born and how much they will be i am really interested in your pups when are you breeding again
    thank you please reply

  4. Kitty Hall says:

    Wow Ruby is very beautiful indeed! I’m looking at your very long list of interested parties wanting a Ruby baby so I think I may be a little late, but would love to be on that list too!
    I very sadly lost my special pug, Biba, to cancer. She was amazing, we did agility & trick training together – people are always surprised at how intelligent & willing pugs are. So much more than a lap dog…though they do that brilliantly too! It has been 3 years now & it feels like a good time for another pug.
    If I’m too late this time around perhaps you could bear me in mind if you plan any future litters?
    Very best wishes,

  5. Amanda says:

    Hi there Ruby is one of the cutest pugs I’ve ever saw!! My daughter is hoping to buy a pug soon could you let me know when ruby is going to be bred thanks!

  6. Sherelle Harrison says:


    I have been looking and waiting for a fawn famale pug for a while. I would love to be put on the waiting list for Ruby’s puppies. Do you happen to know a when these may make an appearance?? i look forward to your response. Many thanks.

  7. Sarah says:

    Hi, Please may we be added to Rubys waiting list! We dont mind how long we wait!! I think we would like a dog but I dont think we would mind actually! Many Thanks

  8. dawn rees says:

    please could i go on your waiting list I have wanted a pug for as long as i can remember and ive decided i am going to get myself one for my 30th next year xxxx

  9. Lucia says:

    I always wanted one myself.

  10. lucia says:

    Ruby is lovely pug

  11. Robin says:

    Love your website!
    Ruby looks apricot fawn?
    We have a little fawn Ruby ourselves! Small in size, huge in personality!
    Looking for 12 months already for an apricot little girl to join our family – another 12 wouldn’t hurt, for the right little puglet! Please add us to your growing list!
    Good luck finding her a suitor etc!
    Love and pug hugs!

  12. Johanne Harvey says:

    Hi there,

    Just looking at your website and was amazed.

    I have a fawn pub who is eight months old called Mozzie. He is small. Believe it or not, his grandad is also Teaseltail talks in earnest. I am thinking of breeding him as I did not do this with my other pug (who is a black) Monty.

    Could you get in touch if you want to discuss this further.

    Kind regards


  13. Sharon says:

    Hi from Zambia. We have a small female Gigi, and a male Enzo. Love love love our pugs! Please keep me in mind for a pup for my daughter Lisa who lives in London.

  14. kirsty says:

    Hello There, we have been thinking of getting a Pug Pup for a while, we are now moving to a bigger house with a bigger garden so it would be about right to get one. How long do you think it will be until Ruby has her pups? best wishes kirsty

    • admin says:

      At least another 12 months Kirsty, but good luck in finding a new companion for your new home, you will not regret it I promise

  15. Lesley says:

    I am interested in one of the Pug puppies from Ruby when she has them. How much will the puppies cost when they are ready to be sold?

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